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But most companies still have 0-1 sustainability staff. That’s 0-1 staff to plan, get buy-in, follow regulations, execute technical work, contact suppliers, build marketing materials and tell the story. The math doesn’t add up.


That’s why Parallel exists. Say hello to your green team. Your dream team. Let's work together.

Sustainability isn’t a one-person job.

Close up image of a rock.

What You Need

You want some expert insights and input on the best path forward.


There always seems to be more work than your small, but mighty team, can get done. We’ll help you take that on, for the short term, or the long haul.


In between staff? Looking for experienced staff to get your sustainability off the ground or to the next level?

Meet your green team, dream team.

We take an all-hands in approach at Parallel. Learn how our team collaborates for every client to seamlessly and flexibly support your company’s sustainability needs.


We’ve started calling it the ‘Parallel Hype train.' Brittany is my biggest champion and partner in this work, and she’s part of the team here at CS. Plus, I get to work with so many other people on the team at Parallel depending on the scope and breadth of our work together.

Kendra Martz, Sr. Product + Sustainability Manager, CS

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A force for change.

Learn more about our work to support companies looking to shift their impacts — and our parallel efforts to accelerate progress across industries.

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