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All businesses are unique, and so is their path to a successful sustainability strategy. That’s why we built Parallel: to power sustainability work with the flexibility of support and diversity of expertise that companies need. We meet you where you are and help you uncover where to go. Think of us as your trusted co-pilots.

Read on to learn the paths we take to support our clients — and explore what we can work on together.

What do you need.

Whether you’re at the: “What the heck is an HPD” stage, or you’re revamping your 5-year strategy and smashing through SBTis, we’re here to help.

We have two simple service types based on what you need as a company, and a world of possibility within each.

Ways we work with you.

As the name might suggest, this is our favorite way to work and where almost all of our clients land after a workshop or short-term project. Why? In Parallel is where the magic happens. We learn your company in and out and help you chart the best paths to impact and business success. Looking to grow your team flexibly, or just have consistent support you can count on to do anything in the sustainability universe? This is the support type for you.


  • Anything, everything. Whether we’re filling in for staff, leading strategy or supporting your team — we can represent you in the marketplace, streamline LEED requests, write blogs, get labels. All in Parallel.

In parallel.


While we’ve seen that companies need long-term strategy and support to really get ahead, we’re often approached by companies who just need to get started. Maybe it’s a workshop to learn the industry latest, or a specific deliverable a client has asked for. We’re here to dive headfirst into those projects alongside you. If you need to get that project done stat, this is the support type for you.


  • Getting a Declare label or HPD for your product(s)

  • Setting up a takeback program

  • A workshop to build your corporate sustainability framework

  • ... or many other one-off projects

On point.


Disclaimer: there’s no way to capture everything we can do as your teammates and as a company. Below is an attempt to capture the breadth of our skillsets and services. We can work on of these items one-by-one, or take on many in parallel.


Have questions or need something you don’t see below?

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Our work together.

Set a Strategy

We always suggest starting here in our work with you so we can head in the best direction for your company. We’ll get to know your company, industry and goals. With a workshop, and a unique roadmap in-hand, you’ll be on your way to successful sustainability investment.


  • Tailored Strategy Workshops

  • Corporate Sustainability Framework Development

  • Sustainability Roadmap + Action Plan

  • Goal Setting + Benchmarking

  • Science Based Target (SBTi) Development

  • ESG Program Messaging and Development

  • Budget and Capital Investment Planning


To plot the best path forward for your business, we offer strategy workshops tailored to your company’s needs and interests.

Workshops can be half day or multi-day, in-person or virtual. They are offered as a standalone “on point” service, or can be woven into broader “in parallel” work together.

To the right are a few of our most popular workshops, as a starting point.

Navigate Workshop

If you’re looking for direction — look no further than our foundational offering at Parallel. We learn all about your company, your goals and your sustainability landscape — then convene the right people to build a winning strategy to embrace the future.

Education + Training Workshop

Develop skills and fluency for internal and sales teams to shine on sustainability. We can customize the depth and breadth of learning to help you to infuse sustainability meaningfully throughout your company and culture.

Marketing Workshop

Sustainability messaging not connecting with your clients and customers? Worried about greenwashing? We’ll assemble our marketing gurus to break down the sustainability jargon and translate your achievements into visual and verbal stories for success.

We get to work with some of the best in the biz to deliver you an expanded suite of services. This lets us do what we do best — and make sure you get the best possible guidance and support. Meet some of our collaborators.

Service partnerships.

PROWL x Parallel

No one does industrial design like PROWL, because they begin with the end. We help your company bring their design to life our integrated sustainability support model.

More from PROWL →

Bergmeyer x Parallel

Bergmeyer+ empowers retailers to make a positive difference in the world through sustainable practices, helping retailers align their overarching purpose and mission with their store design sustainability goals.

More from Bergmeyer →

TNC x Parallel

This partnership delivers powerful insights through Design for Environment strategies and Life Cycle Assessment. Parallel helps you turn those insights into visible impact through our partnership.

More from TNC →

Who we support.


There’s a lot coming your way these days. Demand for acronyms, labels, certifications — all alongside your day to day operations. We’ll help you get out in front with products and processes that meet and exceed what the market is looking for.

AEC Firms: (coming soon)

You’re ready to clean up your library, optimize your projects for health and climate send a clear market signal to the manufacturers you specify. The only challenge? Where to start. We're ramping up to help help AEC firms chart a path to proven materials leadership.


We know from experience that there is never enough time or capacity for what you have to get done with your small but mighty team. Hiring full-time staff often isn’t an option. We’re here to flexibly support you so you can get momentum behind your mission.


Our work at TrueNorth Collective is to design and implement sustainability programming grounded in data, such as LCA, so that clients can focus on the areas of most impact — but we don’t operate in ongoing daily activities. That’s why the partnership with Parallel is amazing. Our customers often need a hand to turn strategy into day-to-day action. Together, TrueNorth Collective and Parallel companies seamlessly guide and support businesses to really shift their impacts.

Theresa Millard, Creative Director, TrueNorth Collective

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