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Most consultants tend to jump in and out of companies, delivering a service or a label for a fee and leaving before you know what to do with it. A successful sustainability strategy takes a lot more. We take a different approach, integrating with companies to deliver long-term, trusted and diverse expertise. Right-sized fit, outsized value.

The Parallel difference.

There are a lot of terms out there for consultants — fractional staffing, external support, etc. None of them really fit our approach at Parallel. At the risk of being too forward, we're really here to be part of your team, not apart from it. Your wins are our wins.

Your new favorite teammates, at the ready.

Traditional hiring for sustainability typically can't support the breadth and depth of what it requires to successfully create, implement and leverage your company strategy. There isn't enough budget and there aren't enough unicorns out there to hire. But without more guidance, capacity and leadership - staff can feel alone end stuck and get burnt out. We know, because we've been there.

That's why Parallel exists. We're here break to the mold, so we can build something better, together. Our team's job is to make you feel like you're never alone or stuck in your impact journey, whether you're a team of one or one hundred.

Sustainability, party of one?

Image representing "your company"

Integrated staffing with Parallel increases your sustainability know-how essentially overnight, and authentically — we become part of your team. The kind of exponential growth that's actually positive for sustainability...

When you work with us, you might only see a couple of us — bringing our a-game to help you accomplish your goals. But you’re actually benefiting from the experience of our whole team, and working with all of us. Copywriters, certification developers, CEOs, architects and graphic designers. Plus we’ve done this work before — with countless manufacturers and across all major platforms, organizations and the industry at-large.

A Parallel party.

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Image representing "your company"
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For some clients, we run and represent their entire sustainability program. For others, we’re day-to-day support for their amazing internal team. Sometimes we’re just partnering to provide industry insights so companies can head in the right direction. Often, we’re all three!

How we integrate with your needs.

External support. You’re simply trying to figure out what is going on in this industry and where you should head. We’re on call and at-the-ready for whatever you need. Coaching, Strategy, Workshops. We’re your reliable phone-a-friend.


Team Capacity. We’re your sustainability lead’s biggest champion and help. No matter what scale or style of sustainability team you have — we can complement that to bring more value. We can even provide capacity as your team working with other consultants to get whatever job needs to get done, done.


Market-Facing. We’re leading or enacting your sustainability vision and we’re the out in the market representing your company. Presentations to the c-suite? We got that. CEUs? We’re up on stage. We’re a dream director/manager/VP, adding value, supporting your impact reduction, and enabling your ROI.


No matter where you are with your sustainability progress, staffing, or consultants, here are a few reasons why you might consider bringing Parallel into the mix.

Why integrated staffing?

Unparalleled Resume

It’s...pretty much impossible to find this range of skillsets and diversity of experience in one person. We can be executive leadership, or calculate carbon, reach out to supply chains or write your next blog. Hi, we’d like to apply for the position.

Responsible Scale

Parallel makes it easy to scale support up or down without having to hire a full time team of diverse experts. Launching a new sustainability strategy? We can scale up for that. Need to produce CEUs while waiting on supply chain info? We can shift for that. What you need, when you need it.

Reduced Risk

Suddenly, sustainability turnover is a thing of the past. As 1099 contractors so we’re quick to bring on-board, and we already know all of the program acronyms (well, we also helped to develop many of them). Lose a manager? We can fill that gap. Hire a director? We can stay on to support them. We’ll keep things moving so you can focus quarters, years and generations ahead.

Fluency + Competency

Bringing us on makes the  world of sustainability a lot easier to dive into. We can talk the talk and walk the walk. We’ll help get your company, sales team, or clients trained up with workshops or CEU — or we can be out in the market as ambassadors.

Aligned Community

We built Parallel so everyone has that feeling of being part of something bigger than themselves. When you hire us — you also get access to our aligned network of experts and collaborators and companies. Designers seeking sustainable materials; the latest from standards developers; conference insights. Our community is your community.

Trusted Teammates

As integrated staff, we truly become part of your team. Nearly all of our clients — no matter why they come to us, turn into long-term contracts because we deliver value and trusted guidance to lead their strategy and get the work done.

Working with Parallel feels like.

You may only see one or a couple of us, but we work as a team on principle. You’ll be surprised by how much we can help you accomplish.


Blow through those milestones — we have the technical, strategic, and creative skillsets you need, plus the grit to stick with sticky challenges. No one likes to feel stuck. Let’s get moving.


That feeling where you are part of an awesome team that can help you to implement your goals and realize your professional purpose. It’s a good feeling. Some people call it the hype train.


A feeling of zen like “I think I can finally take that vacation because there’s someone to help keep that work going.” Go ahead, we’ve got this.


From carbon accounting, to supply chain transparency, to that big presentation you have to give to your C-Suite — having someone on your team to work through sticky challenges with feels like a huge relief.


We don’t just deliver results — we deliver insights, education, and dot-connecting. More aha moments. 


With this kind of support, you’ll be ready to take on what’s next. So will we, alongside you.

“Let’s do this”

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